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Stock Tank Life is now a franchise opportunity


Jan 1, 2023

We're growing!

2022 was a crazy busy year for us! We expanded into Florida, rebranded from STP 4 ATL to Stock Tank Life, built and launched a new website and installed the most amount of stock tank pools in a year since we started.

On top of all that, we were working behind the scenes to bring stock tank pools to more individuals out there. We first played around with the idea of owning and managing multiple locations across various markets, but quickly realized that we do not want to spend all of our time managing teams in other markets. So we've been working behind the scenes to put everything in order and are super pumped to be offering this opportunity for those out there that are looking to build something for themselves while helping folks in their communities build their own backyard oasis.

The site is up and we're ready to take inquiries.

If you or someone you know has been looking to build something of their own, loves working with their hands and wants knowledgeable support, check it out!

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