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Why stock tank pools?


Dec 1, 2022

Not sure what the hype is all about? Check out why Stock Tank Pools are all the rage.

Stock tank pools, also known as "hillbilly hot tubs," are galvanized metal tanks that were originally used to water livestock. However, they have recently gained popularity as a low-cost and attractive alternative to traditional in-ground or above-ground pools. Here are some of the best reasons to add a stock tank pool to your backyard:

  1. Affordable: Stock tank pools are significantly more affordable than traditional in-ground or above-ground pools. For full installation in most markets, you're looking at maxing out around $2,500, even less if you are an avid diy-er.

  2. Quick to install: Unlike traditional pools, which can take months to install and tear up your yard, stock tank pools can be set up in a matter of hours without all the fuss. All you need is a level surface, access to water and standard 110v power.

  3. Unique and stylish: Stock tank pools have a rustic, vintage look that sets them apart from traditional pools. But their visual versatility doesn't end there. Your imagination is the only thing limiting how you style your STP. We've installed stock tank pools in the ground, with benches or decks completely surrounding them, as tiki themed add ons, as a kid zone, even as additions to dog play pens. Check out how some of our clients have dressed theirs up (or down) on our installs page.

  4. Low maintenance: We install them with a full above ground pool filtration and pump system and typically use a chlorine float with 1" chlorine tablets. This keeps your stock tank pool clean and moving discouraging algae and mosquitos. Winterization and opening in the spring are all tasks that can be easily done within a hour of time.

  5. Versatile: Sure, we mostly float in ours in the summer months, but we also install stock tank pools as hot-tubs for the winter, ice baths for active folks, kid-friendly pools, and even sometimes as doggy play areas. Done with the "pool" aspect of yours? re-use the tank for a flower or vegetable garden or convert it into a pond complete with koi!

Overall, stock tank pools are a great option for anyone looking to add a pool to their backyard without breaking the bank. They are affordable, quick to install, stylish, low maintenance, and versatile. So why wait? Consider adding a stock tank pool to your backyard today!

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