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STP 4 ATL, LLC Disclaimer and Waiver of Responsibility


Stock tank pools, like all pools, present a drowning risk. Diving or jumping may cause death, paralysis, or permanent injury. Even at only 2 ft deep, stock tank pools still present a downing and safety hazard. You are responsible for evaluating and determining if a stock tank pool is safe for you and your family.  We highly recommend secure covers, locking fences, and pool alarms where possible. Use your pool at your own risk.


You assume all responsibility for your stock tank pool, heating systems, decks and or benches provided or installed by STP 4 ATL, LLC. By having us install your pool, or purchasing your tank or parts through us, you agree to hold STP 4 ATL, LLC ( harmless from any loss, damage, injury, or death including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss, damage, injury, or death, or any loss, damage, injury, or death whatsoever arising from use of the site or your stock tank pool . This includes but is not limited to the use of stock tank pools, heating systems, filter pump systems, benches or decks.


STP 4 ATL, LLC offers a limited warranty for the setup and parts that we install for up to 30 days after installation.  After 30 days, site visits will be at STP 4 ATL, LLC discretion and will be charged a $100 fee plus the cost of parts and service necessary.

By signing the below, you acknowledge the above and agree to hold STP 4 ATL, LLC free of any responsibility and liability of any harm to properly or person and loss or damage to property or person.

Thank you for your signature!

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