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Instant Level Platform Deck

Instant Level Platform Deck

Ground not level and running into trouble finding contractors to help or maybe you just don't want to have to worry about another step in way of you soaking in your stock tank pool.  This is the solution.


10x10' or 12'x12' platform deck built specifically to hold the weight of fully loaded stock tanks.  Materials are delivered a few days before and deck is built onsite. 


Platform deck is made of pressure treated pine and will be installed with natural finish. If you would like to stain it, be sure to wait 3 months or until the wood is fully dried.

  • Materials

    1. PT pine
    2. TuffBlocks footings - TuffBlocks are made of high strength closed-loop recycled polyolefin material with an ultra-high UV rating
PriceFrom $3,000.00

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