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Stock Tank Tub Install Package

Stock Tank Tub Install Package

Perfect for cold plunge or heating in the winter. Just the right size for small spaces and all sizes can fit through standard doorways.  


Full installation package includes tub size of your choice, cartridge filter pump, parts, fittings, and labor.  


Your land must be fully prepped prior to installation:

  • Land must be flat and level. Sand, decomposed granite and pea gravel are all great materials to use to level out an area, just be sure that if water flows through, it won't wash away. *If you don't have the ability to level your land, talk to us about our instant level 10x10' platform deck.
  • Access to power for the pump. You may use an extension cord, but please be sure that it's rated for outdoor and is 12 gauge. The pump requires 110-120v outlet which is standard in most homes. It also comes with a GFCI directly on the power cable.
  • Access to water to fill the tank.
    PriceFrom $1,200.00

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